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Klitmøller webcamera

The Camera is situated in the center of Cold Hawaii on the West coast of Denmark. The perfect place for surfing, paddle surfing, windsurfing and kite surfing. NASA (North Atlantic Surf Association) is the local surf club.

A new club house and a beach path have been built for surfers and handicapped by Realdania, Thisted Community and NASA.
PWA, the World Tour for windsurfers will come again this year. Surf camps are arranged with professional instructors. Close to the village is Lake Vandet, the best spot for beginners in windsurfing.

Klitmøller is a perfect seaside resort with sandy beaches and protected areas for children. Many tourists rent summerhouses and spend the holidays here. There are restaurants, a grocer's, a bakery, and handicrafts shops. There are hotels nearby, and bureaus rent out holiday apartments and houses.

The bicycle route through National Park Thy goes through the village, offering a fine opportunity of a bicycle holiday in a beautiful scenery

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